Walking and Walking a little more.

Day 35


Daily Steps: 23,232 Total: 422,398 Daily Miles: 11 Total: 200

Did you see that, 200 miles! Wow, that went fast. That is what I will have left when I get to Fayetteville, NC. That will be an amazing feeling. 🙂

Today I just walked through all the desert cities on my way to Indio. I stopped and talked to a pretty cool group of people living on the streets and then I encountered some others that were not doing as well. I believe that drugs and alcohol are an escape for these sad and lonely people. I am not sure that it is the reason they are living the way they are but, instead it is the way they cope with the extreme pain within their souls.

image image

I finally met Debbie, who has been one of my Facebook and blogs most loyal and faithful readers and commenters. She is a very nice Saxon and member of the class of 77. It is always good to connect with friends from the past. She was gracious and allowed me to sleep on her motel floor and take over a big part of the room with all of my stuff. She fed me and we spent a lot of time just talking about everything. I look forward to seeing all of her comment for the next couple of years. LOL


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Happy Birthday to Matt

Day 34


Daily Steps: 21,120 Total 399,166 Daily Miles: 10 Total: 189

I spent 2 glorious days at the White Water Nature Reserve. While there I met the most amazing couple, Isaiah and Manuela. They are Masonic Hebrews and practicing Seventh Day Adventists. They are very active in the Green, Off the Grid, Spiritual community in which they live. We instantly bonded and talked late into the night. They shared their food, Manuela is an EXCELLENT cook, and on Sunday they shared an impromptu concert with Isaiah on Harmonica and their Pastor Tom on Guitar and vocals. What a PERFECT way to spend a Saturday Afternoon. Sunday morning after the best Vegi, Tofu Scramble EVER we said our goodbyes and I started to walk to Palm Springs.

I met Edwardo on my walk and when I find and am able to post it you will know what I mean when I say, I think I have met the most secure man on earth. What an interesting man. He wished me well and gave me water. Thanks Edwardo for believing and understanding my walk.


So, on to the Big Birthday Celebration. Matt and Kim were my hosts for the night and it happened to me his 39th birthday. They invited me to attend the celebration at a Tiki Bar in Palm Springs. The place was perfect… Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, hidden little rooms that you enter through the back of a phone booth and the sweetest and STRONGEST umbrella drinks you ever drank. Lots of fun. Lots of laughing and teasing. It was a wonderful night.

image image

Matt and Kim are going to be such great parents someday. They are spiritual, fun, kind and very much in love. Thanks for letting me share a snap shot of your life.


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It’s Catch-up time.

Day 32


Daily Steps: 27,456 Total: 378,046 Daily Miles: 13 Total: 179

This has been a test of the “Living Without Cell or Internet Coverage For 3 Days Blogging System”. I hope I don’t have to do this very often but, just in case, NO ONE gets to get panicky if you don’t hear from me for a few days. The lesson learned is that, I never know when the coverage is going to go away and I know when its back when my phone and ipad start beeping and letting me know that I have several messages.

I am also sorry to say that until tomorrow when I go to the Apple store in Palm Desert and get my iPad and iPhone back to speaking terms I have no photos to share.

Today I walked from Marta’s beautiful home in Banning to the White Water Nature reserve. I walked through the Cabazon Outlet Mall and the nice ladies at the Villa Pizzaria bought me lunch.

I talked to a man who had given up a career as a Mortgage broker to go back to school to get a degree in Sociology and Psychology so, he could change the world from inside a Police Department by teaching Officers that ALL the people they came into contact with were human beings and deserved some level of respect. What a great goal.


As I was walking to the campground I met a unique character by the name of Lawrence. Lawrence is known as a “Ghost Angel” on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). He drives his pick-up truck back and forth between the Mexican Border and White Water looking to help PCT hikers keep on the trial and helping them with whatever they are in need of. He has done this for 30 years and said I looked like a PCT hiker so he stopped to help me. He ended up giving me a history lesson of the area and a ride to the Campground which was 7 miles of my path.


I was welcomed to the campground and told where to set up camp. What I was not told was that the sprinklers were going to go on at 3am. LOL It is a good thing that as a 55 year old man, 3am is about the time I wake up EVERY MORNING to pee. So, I moved my tent and stayed dry.

This was a converted trout fishery that has been completely refurbished and restored back to a more natural state with a running stream, shade trees, ponds and even a 2 foot wading pond to cool ones feet off. The sandstone mountains surrounding the campground protect it from the morning sun and provide a home for a herd of Big Horn Sheep.


I want to introduce you to a wonderful couple, Isaiah and his beautiful wife Manuela. They are Masonic Hebrews and active in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We bonded immediately. We talked, shared life stories and laughed into the night. Manuela is a FANTASTIC cook and they fed me great food. I was also able to enjoy an impromptu church service and concert with Isaiah and there pastor. What a great weekend.

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The Desert Is Scaring Me

Day 30


Daily Steps: 23,323 Total: 350,590 Daily Miles: 11 Total 166

As I “celebrate my first month on THE WALK I am pondering the intense feeling I am having concerning the next leg. 300 miles from Indio, CA to Mesa, AZ. I am scared beyond belief! It is going to be between 20-30 nights in the desert, pretty much alone and walking along the side of Interstate 10 in order to have cell phone contact and water available every other day. I will be carrying 2 gallons of water and adding another 10 lbs to my pack. There are a few places along the way that I will be able to buy more food but, it will not be Trader Joes or Whole Foods quality. I have made the choice that, some of my future friends DRIVE CARS so, I may accept a ride or two but, only if I ABSOLUTELY feel that I have to. I knew this was part of the journey I “signed on” for but, It is happening about 3 months earlier than I planned. I NEED EVERYONE who reads this to send me positive energy, love and for those who practice it, prayer.

On to more fun things.

I am staying today with Marta, a lovely and very kind woman, in Banning. Her house is a magical place full of interesting and wonderful little things that are eclectic and she is.

(I wish I could share them but, for some reason the photos I take on my phone are not transferring to my iPad. I know they are supposed to and as far as I can tell I have everything set up right but, NOPE, no updated photo album. I am going to stop at the APPLE Store in Palm Springs to ask about this issue and then I will have more photos to share)

Thats about all I have for today. Off to laundry, video uploads and more planning “the crossing”.

Just added these as an “Update” from my phone. See how cool this home is? I told you so. 😄





Oh, I just remembered that I wanted to add these links to ALL my internet “places” so you can visit me in a variety of forums.

Walking To My Friends


Pictures of Food




Walking To My Friends BLOG




YouTube Channel




Walking To My Friends website


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Point A to Point B

Day 29


Daily Steps: 19,008 Total: 327358 Daily Miles: 9 Total: 155

Today I left the comfort of “The Howler”


And the Hicks Family


Where I “actually” surfed my first real couch.


Thanks to the whole family for making feel welcome. A special shout out to Henry. You are a “very interesting person” to.

I walked from Point A where this photo was taken


To point B where this photo was taken looking back across the Hemet Valley to where I started.

Thank you Joe, the greatest stay at home dad, Heather, a great mom and an old fashioned Family Doc, AJ a pretty strong shot putter, Austin, a future RVing Don Juan, Henry, the aforementioned “most interesting kid” and Hannah a quiet and cutey pie.

Thanks again.

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Heading into the Great Unknown

Day 28


Daily Steps: 29,568 Total: 308,350 Daily Miles: 14 Total: 146

Yesterday I finally ended my “squatting” period in Temecula/Murrieta at my sisters Judy’s and Tricia’s homes. I got my phone, redid my route from heading to San Fransisco to going directly to Mesa and getting FAR TO MUCH REST and FOOD. Both my pack and I gained a few pounds as I pack extra food for the desert and uncertainty of knowing when my next opportunity to Couch surf would be. I was also spoiled rotten by my sisters in the food department. Here is a picture of Judy and Bill (I am still learning my “routine” and so I have to apologize to Tricia and Steve, I just forgot to get this photo of us, no slight intended. But, you are more than welcome to come to Beaumont and we will take one there. LOL)



I started my walk and for the first time the gps on Google Maps sent me down dirt roads and sides streets as the shortest distance between where I am and where I want to go. Here are a few photos of the fun stuff I saw along the way to Winchester, CA



The Worst Sign in America. It “forces” me to be a criminal about 5 times everyday. I AM NOT going to bactrack with a 65 pound backpack a mile to the last place I could “legally” cross, so I am a notorious JAY walker.



Who know that Clinton Keith turned into a dirt road. Just a couple of miles from this photo are 8 billion new homes. LOL



Can you sing all the songs for “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou”? If you can you should come to this old Hobo Camp and play this cool piano around a campfire while you wait for the next train to jump. I thought this was so cool and then I got zapped back to reality, No more Hobos, Crack cocaine, and very few people riding the rails anymore. I wish it were more like the “good old day’s” in some areas of our modern life.


I did find a real treat along the road. A Budhist Temple in Winchester, CA of all places. I talked to the Monk there who was from Loas and really shy. He said that I could come back when he was in his finest Monk attire and take a photo but, today he was dressed in his work clothes and not looking good enough for a photo. I thought he looked very regal and peaceful.



Here is the super nice Sandy. She picked me up and gave me a oplace to lie my SUPER tired head and body last night and then dropped me of at the Starbucks by where I needed to walk from today. She was a wonderful Host and has lots of great storiies. Thanks for the comfy bed and the soft easy chair to prop my feet up and get the blood back to the upper half of my body after a SUPER long day on the road.


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On the Road Again

So here it is my last night at Judy’s and I have loved every minute here. It has been a joy just to hang out and get to know Judy, Bill and Jake again. We have spent time running around doing errands, I have taken and picked Jake up from school, I have spent hours and hours on this thing and getting my phone up and running. I have watched a little TV and for the most part just been happy to be here. But, all good things must CHANGE and tomorrow I get to do what I have wanted to do for a long time, Walking To My Friends, and I set out for a ten day walk to Indio and then to Mesa, AZ. But, first, Indio.

I will post the daily intervals each day. (when I have internet access).

But here is an overview of the next 10 days.



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