This is HARD and the learning curve is STEEP

I love this adventure and I WILL finish my walk across America but, let me tell you that the lessons, both practical and internal are daily and some are far easier than others. I have been on the journey for 9 weeks and covered 300 miles on foot and took one bus ride across the wilderness.

I have met many wonderful people and been able to share my message with some very nice men and women. I have talked to grandmothers, students, a gang member, an Outlaw MC member, a couple self proclaimed ministers of “The Lord”, people of all religious and political backgrounds and A LOT of homeless men and women. I have been scared of the place where I have to set up my tent and sleep and I have found comfort in the homes of strangers. The one common bond I hope to have created is one of friendship with each and every person I have met along the way.

In the coming days I hope to share some of bigger lessons I have learned here. There will be some deep emotional feelings expressed and there will be some frustrations shared. And, the Epic Adventure will be taking on a new look. I hope my friends, family and supporters will understand that every journey comes with lessons about things that the “adventurer” learns and the changes that must be made. My route will take on a new look and will be much less “point A to point B’ in appearance. I will ramble a bit more in order to meet and talk to and build community with as many new FRIENDS as I can. I have been changed by this walk and have become much more clear in my intentions to spread my message of creating peace and harmony through community and friendships. I am also committed to speaking out for the CRIME of poverty and homelessness in our society. I am still not sure how I will speak out but, I will. I also want to speak in churches, schools, social organizations and political groups about how overcoming fear of the unknown qualities and traits of those that live differently than ourselves WILL lead to more complete understandings, friendships and then peaceful coexistence.

I will speak out against hypocrisy of our current system of greedy accumulation of material “THINGS” at the expense of our fellow brothers and sisters who suffer in poverty.

So, that is enough for now. I am sorry that my blogs have suffered. I have been spending a lot of time “watching the grass grow” and taking trips through the scary recesses of my own mind. I am pretty good man and have a few great things to say that are worth listening to. Be good in your daily walk. Walk In Peace, Make New Friends Everryday, It Is A Sure Path To Global Harmony and World Peace. Oh, and give a buck to the next 100 homeless people you meet, NO JUDGEMENT, just give in a sincere act of charity and love. They are not who you may think they are.


About Walking To My Friends

Hi, I am on an EPIC Adventure. I am walking across America for 2 years making a documentary about the Goodness and Kindness of the PEOPLE that live here. I will be depending on that Goodness and Kindness for my day to day needs. I look forward to meeting and getting to know many new friends on my "Walk To My Friends".
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