What to do? Well, I will start with writing the blog I promised for today.

I have certainly been on an adventure, both physically and emotionally. I have been walking for 55 days and I have covered approximately 300 miles. I have met over 100 people who have helped me along the way and taught me so many lessons. Not one of them showed me the same thing as any of the others. I have spent a lot of time in my own head pondering everything from my place in the universe to my tired feet and hurting shoulders. I have been incredibly fortunate and have been well taken care of by the universe.

I have spent the last few days with my daughter, Aubrey and her family. what a joy it has been to help her move into their new home. Unpacking, building bunkbeds, sweeping floors, helping with meals and babysitting 4 grandkids. I could not be more proud of them.









While I was at Aubrey’s I met Lowell, The coolest “Old time, bible thumping, back hills, Jimmy Swagart, Jesus freak, born again, praise the Lord” believer (his words, not mine) I have ever met. He and I talked for hours while we drank coffee in his garage. He knew all the neighbors and was willing to help whenever he could. He was wise beyond belief and shared with me his philosophy on living a full and happy life. The key was NOT TO BE ALONE!



I have made one new friend that I have become particularly fond of and would like to tell you about. Micha.


Micha, is a Government educator for the Western Australian Government. He works with deaf kids and is a riot to hang out with. We met in Indio on the onramp of Interstate 10 as we were trying to Hitch a ride across the desert. He was here, in the USA with his friend Danny on vacation. They started in Boston and drove across Canada to Washington State. There they were going to walk on the Pacific Crest Trail across Washington. Sometime during the first week Danny fell and hurt himself REALLY bad, broken clavicle, busted eye socket and his leg broke in more than one place. Micha carried him out 14 miles and got him to a hospital. Well, in the process of making sure that Danny was taken care of he gave the hospital ALL of his money, leaving him broke. When I met him he was trying to get to Atlanta, GA and catch his plane home. He had the longest string of bad luck EVER. I did everything I could do to make sure he got home. I felt as if though was in the right place at the right time to help a good man in a bad place out of a jam. Tonight he is at a Train Station in New Orleans and will be in Atlanta tomorrow and then on a plane home. I am so, happy for him but, sad that I may never here or see him again. I wish him well and ask that all of you send him your well wishes and positive thoughts tonight and for the next day or two. He may very well be the reason I went on this walk to begin with. Imagine that. I may have been sent to him to help him out. I have never felt this way before. It is a pretty cool felling.

Today, I spent some time making friends at Bergie’s Coffee shop in Gilbert, AZ. I met These really great folks and talked their ears off for an hour or so.

I would really like to share my story with others. If you know of anyone that would like to hear me ramble on about creating world peace through the simple act of making new friends and building community with people we would never have considered in the past, I am interested. Please let me know if you have any guidance and council on how I can get started and have any church pastor, school administrator, service group leader contact me. I am putting it out into the universe and I think I would be great. I work on a “donation” wage scale. I have lots of stories and they all revolve around being good humans and treating our human brothers and sisters the way they should be treated, with love and respect. We need to live far more simply and with far more love in our hearts so those in pain and who are suffering the scourges of war, poverty and disease can live in with dignity and security. Money, Property, Land and Old buildings along with material THINGS will not bring anyone true happiness or security. Love and Peace and Charity are the only paths to Enlightenment, Heaven, Nirvana, or wherever you believe that your soul will end up as an “Eternal Reward” My message crosses religions, political parties and economics. Just saying, I would love to have the chance to share my story and “sermon” with as many as I can.


One last thing,,,, I know some may not like what I am about to share but, not all of my “friends” have given me monetary donations or a place to sleep or a meal. I was so happy to accept this gift from Arron at The Fifth Estate Tattoo parlor. Surprise!!!!!



Here is my favorite photo for a while. If all lions were only pink stuffed animals hiding in flowers.

I am grateful for all of you who have read my blogs and In the next couple of weeks there will be some big news of how this project is unfolding.

Thanks for your support and love.


About Walking To My Friends

Hi, I am on an EPIC Adventure. I am walking across America for 2 years making a documentary about the Goodness and Kindness of the PEOPLE that live here. I will be depending on that Goodness and Kindness for my day to day needs. I look forward to meeting and getting to know many new friends on my "Walk To My Friends".
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  1. ifer says:

    Love your new tats!!


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