It’s been a long and interesting week.

Sorry, it’s been a few days since my last post and this one is going to be pretty bare bones.

I have had no real internet service and only one bar on my phone for almost a week. So, the map and step/miles update is forthcoming. Also, no photos today. But, I wanted to at least let everyone know that I’m alive and kicking.

I did, ultimately, decide to take a bus from Indio, CA to Mesa, AZ and not “do the” 20-25 day desert crossing. A little bit of explanation is necessary. In the beginning of this journey I had several goals. One was to cross America on foot. Another was to meet and talk to new “friends” about my vision of how we can make small changes in our own neighborhoods and communities that could lead to a path of more global harmony and world peace. Another was to document the whole experience and produce a documentary and write a book. Then the last one and the one I resisted admitting was my own self discovery or my personal “Buddha Walk”.

I had never intended to or wanted to become a “Wilderness Survivor Expert” at age 55. My plan was to spend 2-3 days at the most walking in between towns, villages, hamlets and cities. But, the purpose has always been to meet and share my hopes and dreams of world peace with others. So, when I arrived in Indio, mentally prepared to walk for 20-30 days alone in the desert.

I researched 3 paths…

1) Along the “Bradshaw Trail” an old dirt road from the turn of the century that was used during a gold rush. It is 90 plus miles long 30 miles south of I10 and it has no water or cell phone coverage. It is used mostly by off-roaders, illegal aliens who make it past the first wave of border parole officers and unsavory characters who need isolated places to make drug deals. I choose for personal safety reasons not to take this path.

2) Take a 200 mile detour North, through the Joshua Tree NM and then back South into the Phoenix. This was another area with very spotty water sources and cell coverage and NO PEOPLE.

3) Walk on the I10 easement. Water every other day, cell coverage most of the time, people at rest stops, tourist attractions, one small town and in cars within 100 yards in case I really got in a jam the whole way.

Well it turns out that the safest path is illegal to walk. I talked to the CHP in Indio and was informed of the $300.00 first time offense and the possibility of arrest for the second offense.

I also had a really great talk with an old time miner about working, existing and surviving in the desert for prolonged periods of time. I am ABSOLUTELY not prepared or trained with those types of skills.

So, I took the bus. And I have decided that my route across America is far longer than 2,600 or so miles that is the point A to point B distance. So, if I find a “Friend” with wheels to help me through dangerous areas, I’m okay with that and I hope you are as well.

So, I am now at my Daughters. I’m helping with the kids, organizing boxes, and shelves, putting together boxes to donate, setting up bedrooms and just doing what I can to make her and her family’s life a little easier.

I am going to spend the rest of my time here helping and planning my next leg. I will let you all know that I am thinking about a different route that is a bit more north and more populated with creatures of the human type.

Thanks for all the support. HUGS


About Walking To My Friends

Hi, I am on an EPIC Adventure. I am walking across America for 2 years making a documentary about the Goodness and Kindness of the PEOPLE that live here. I will be depending on that Goodness and Kindness for my day to day needs. I look forward to meeting and getting to know many new friends on my "Walk To My Friends".
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One Response to It’s been a long and interesting week.

  1. Jennifer says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you today and thank you for sharing your story of your remarkable journey with me and my daughter Skylar as we stopped briefly on the road to speak with you. I wish you peace, health and above all, you meet and touch many lives on your path. What remarkable faith you have. I have enjoyed reading your blog so far and getting just a glimpse into life and the lives you have crossed. I look forward to your updates. And I will take your message and spread it thought my life and as well as share it with others. I am glad I turned my car around to go ask the “very interesting man walking along side the road” what he was ‘walking for’. God bless you and watch over you every step of the way.


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