Its time to correct a mistake.

Day 39


Daily Steps: 40,128 Total: 462,526 Daily Miles: 19 Total: 219

So, how many noticed the map and the number don’t match up? Well there is a good reason. I have spent all day truing to get caught up and I need to condense two days into one. I have really tried to keep up and I had had an issue with my phone last week and lost a bunch of photos for a few days but, I finally got all them back from the world wide web and I was able to put together 4 blogs in one day. LOL

I spent Tuesday and Thursday on the floor of Debbie’s motel room and Wednesday in a Condo that was provided from a very trusting and wonderful woman named Winter. She never met me but, trusted that I would honor her home.

So, I walked to an RV park in Indio and has I was preparing for my desert walk 3 things came up…1) An old timer named Steve who has lived and mined in the desert for 40 years told me that I was about to commit suicide in the desert between Indio and Quartzite. He told me that I was NEVER going to make it. First he said I need a lot more water than 2 gallons per day. Then he said 5-10 miles per day was the max I should attempt and that make the crossing almost 30 days. Finally he informed me that in the past few years there have been a few Marines die out there on training exercises and I am NO Marine! Thanks, Steve for shocking me into reality. Then, I talked to the CHP about my plan (there happens to be a station next to the RV park) and I was told, “NO WAY could I walk on the Interstate, I would be fined and/or arrested.” Well, thats a fine howdy do! The last thing was another conversation I had with someone here at the park. She pointed out that my sign says, “Walking To My Friends…” and if I do the crossing I will meet a total of ZERO new friends. LOL She suggested that I let go of my ego and accept that some of my future friends want me to succeed AND stay alive AND some of them actually have cars or trucks that I could ride in through particularly dangerous sections.

So, I guess I will not be able to say, “I walked every step across the USA” anymore. I have to mourn that but these people were put on my path just as much as those that have let me stay in there homes or given me money.

I hope you are all enjoying the Instagram photos and I will try to add them here as well but, I am still not getting the photos I take on my iPhone camera to transfer to my iPad.


About Walking To My Friends

Hi, I am on an EPIC Adventure. I am walking across America for 2 years making a documentary about the Goodness and Kindness of the PEOPLE that live here. I will be depending on that Goodness and Kindness for my day to day needs. I look forward to meeting and getting to know many new friends on my "Walk To My Friends".
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