The Desert Is Scaring Me

Day 30


Daily Steps: 23,323 Total: 350,590 Daily Miles: 11 Total 166

As I “celebrate my first month on THE WALK I am pondering the intense feeling I am having concerning the next leg. 300 miles from Indio, CA to Mesa, AZ. I am scared beyond belief! It is going to be between 20-30 nights in the desert, pretty much alone and walking along the side of Interstate 10 in order to have cell phone contact and water available every other day. I will be carrying 2 gallons of water and adding another 10 lbs to my pack. There are a few places along the way that I will be able to buy more food but, it will not be Trader Joes or Whole Foods quality. I have made the choice that, some of my future friends DRIVE CARS so, I may accept a ride or two but, only if I ABSOLUTELY feel that I have to. I knew this was part of the journey I “signed on” for but, It is happening about 3 months earlier than I planned. I NEED EVERYONE who reads this to send me positive energy, love and for those who practice it, prayer.

On to more fun things.

I am staying today with Marta, a lovely and very kind woman, in Banning. Her house is a magical place full of interesting and wonderful little things that are eclectic and she is.

(I wish I could share them but, for some reason the photos I take on my phone are not transferring to my iPad. I know they are supposed to and as far as I can tell I have everything set up right but, NOPE, no updated photo album. I am going to stop at the APPLE Store in Palm Springs to ask about this issue and then I will have more photos to share)

Thats about all I have for today. Off to laundry, video uploads and more planning “the crossing”.

Just added these as an “Update” from my phone. See how cool this home is? I told you so. 😄





Oh, I just remembered that I wanted to add these links to ALL my internet “places” so you can visit me in a variety of forums.

Walking To My Friends

Pictures of Food


Walking To My Friends BLOG


YouTube Channel


Walking To My Friends website


About Walking To My Friends

Hi, I am on an EPIC Adventure. I am walking across America for 2 years making a documentary about the Goodness and Kindness of the PEOPLE that live here. I will be depending on that Goodness and Kindness for my day to day needs. I look forward to meeting and getting to know many new friends on my "Walk To My Friends".
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One Response to The Desert Is Scaring Me

  1. Michael & Julie says:

    Hi Dave,

    Don’t fear the desert, embrace it. It is the ideal place to “find” yourself. Hopefully you will be away from the people and noise that is America and you will be able to enjoy the solitude, give you time to reflect without all that noise in your head. We love the desert, there is so much out there, you just have to look.


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